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JPW chose Cloudstreet Portal and quickly deployed a site to its customers with great success.

"I looked at a lot of portal systems but nothing impressed me like CloudStreet Portal.  Because it is a flexible framework, we were able to customize it to meet our exact requirements without programming or custom consulting, it just handled our crazy ideas, right out of the box."

- Tom Marks, CEO Jobbers Warehouse

The Solution

JPW deploys the common documents such as Statements with linked Invoices.   They also integrated delivery tracking and used their credit card merchant account within the documents.


 Figure: Example integrated document

In the example above, JPW has linked three external resources into their invoice document:

  • The product image and detailed specs from their Product Information Management (PIM) system.
  • Their credit card / ACH payment system for on-line payment
  • The UPS delivery tracking content

These are but three examples that illustrate the convenience provided to the customer but also the ease by which these referenced were integrated into a single customer experience.

"It's amazing to me that we were able to achieve all of that in a few minutes with no programming.  Our customers love it."

- Tom Marks, CEO Jobbers Warehouse


The Result

JPW has always been known for quality products and expert technical advice.  Now, with CloudStreet Portal, JPW has shifted to a higher gear by providing tools that customers love and appreciate leaving JPW's staff the time they need to do what they do best; amazing the customer.