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A Client Administrator is usually a departmental manager that oversees employees who need access to business documents on the CloudStreet Portal website. The Site Administrator authorizes a person to have Client Administrator responsibilities. To authorize an individual as a Client Administrator, a subscription request must be made either by the Site Administrator or the individual who will become the Client Administrator. Generally, a subscription request is made by the Site Administrator because that individual can request and approve the subscription in one effort.

When adding a new subscription, if you do not see the document type of 'subscriptions_administrator' appear, then we have elected to appoint Client Administrators manually. You will need to contact our customer service department or your account representative and request appointment from them.

The Client Administrator's job is to determine which employees should be given access to business documents for specific division-code, customer id combinations. When a Client Employee makes a subscription request, that request will appear in Subscriptions Administration list accessed by selecting Manage Subscriptions from the My Company menu. The Client Administrator is responsible for reviewing those requests, and approving the subscription if the Client Employee is authorized to access the requested business document type. This allows you to administrator who can see which document types for your company instead of requiring a person from our company to approve those requests.