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Requesting a subscription is easy, and subscriptions are free on the CloudStreet Portal website. First, choose Subscriptions from the My Personal menu and you will be directed to a page that lists your pending and approved subscriptions.

From the toolbar, choose the (+) Add tool and a new form will be displayed to allow you to add your new subscription request.

Complete the form

Select the division code, document type and customer id that you wish to access. Then, select whether you wish to be notified when new documents of this type are published. Note, that notification options may differ depending on the policy of the company and may change over time. Also, notifications may happen immediately when a document is published or it may happen in batches. This is determined by our company and the policy may change from time to time

Note that you may only specify one customer id per subscription request. The customer id must exactly match the customer id published on your paper statements. You must include all punctuation, leading zeros, etc. in order for the subscription request to be valid.

Click on the Save button to save your subscription request

What happens next?

Once you submit a subscription request, it is stored as a request that is pending approval. The person responsible for reviewing and approving subscription requests will receive an alert that your subscription request has been made. This person may be a Site Administrator or Customer Service Representative at the vendor’s site, or a Client Administrator at your site. This person will check your credentials, and assuming you are authorized to view the specified document type, the subscription request will be approved.

Once your subscription is approved, you will have access to the specified document type for the customer ID number you entered.

You can check the status of your subscription request by choosing My Subscriptions from the My Personal menu. Refer to the status column in the table listing subscriptions requests. If you need immediate access to documents, call your vendor’s Customer Service department and request that they expedite approval of your request.