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Some users of the CloudStreet Portal website will have a single subscription to access business documents for an organization or customer ID. Other users may be authorized to review business documents for multiple organizations or departments, and will have multiple approved subscriptions. The search and filtering tool may be used to locate a specific subscription or to list a subset of subscriptions that fit specific search criteria.

From the My Personal > Subscriptions menu, access the search and filtering tool by clicking on the Filter icon on the subscriptions Palette

You may search and filter the subscriptions by any of the available pop-up fields by selecting the desired values. The list of subscriptions will be filtered to show only those subscriptions. To re-generate the entire unfiltered list of subscriptions, clock the Clear Filters icon in the filtering pop-up.

You can also organize the subscriptions by any field by chosing the Group-By tool from the tool palette. For example, you could group the subscriptions by status so that all pending_approval subscription requests are grouped together.