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Working with individual documents

When you select a document to be viewed, CloudStreet Portal works hard to provide you with an online document that looks much like the paper document to which you are accustomed. But CloudStreet Portal also lets you work directly with the information in your online document - you can't do that with a paper document or a scanned copy of a paper document!

CloudStreet Portal documents can contain text, images, videos, and hyperlinks. In addition, documents contain inherent functionality that allows you to format content to suit your personal tastes, retrieve and export document data, and customize how you view individual documents. This help article will first provide you with an explanation of the various features available when viewing your documents. Following this discussion at the bottom of the article, you will find an interactive, sample statement. Feel free to experiment with this sample document, and try out the different features described here.

Formatting how your document is displayed and how data is presented

You have control over how your document is displayed within your browser window.

  • Control how many lines should be displayed using the Show_entries pull-down above and to the left of the table.
  • Navigate forward and back through the pages using the left and right arrow controls (below and to the right of the table) if there are more lines in this table than can be displayed on a single page.

Resizing and Responsiveness

If you drag the window larger and smaller, you will observe the geometry of the document as it changes. Document elements will compress and expand to fit the new window size. This feature also allows the documents to fit the optimal size for smaller devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Cross-linked invoices and statements

If CloudStreet Portal provides your organization with access to invoices and statements, then you have an added benefit! CloudStreet Portal links invoices with statements. When viewing your statement, look for the hyperlinked invoice number. Just click on that hyperlink and the invoice will be displayed.

Searching and sorting data within documents

When viewing a document, you can search for specific text within the document using the Search tool located above and to the right of the table. As you type a text string into the Search box, you will notice that the table automatically narrows down the data presented with each key stroke. When you have finished your search, the document table will display ony those rows that contain your search string.

Similar to the column sorting capabilities of Excel, CloudStreet Portal allows you to sort data within a document table. Click on any table column heading and the table will be sorted in ascending or descending order. (requires that the document designer uses the sortable table plug-in).

Intelligent copy and paste

Document tables within CloudStreet Portal are designed to allow the content to be cleanly copied and pasted into any office application, like spreadsheets or word processors. To copy and paste, simply select the parts of the table you wish to copy to the office application and execute the copy function (e.g., control-C (copy) on the keyboard). Open you office application and paste the copied data (e.g., control-V (paste) on the keyboard). If you paste your data into Excel, for example, the data will be pasted into columns appropriately, reflecting the way that the data is organized in your document.

Printing a document

When printing a document, only the portion of the table that is showing on the screen will be printed. This feature allows you to print selected portions of the document by using the sort, search or show entries tools to filter down the table to the desired number of rows. If you wish to have all lines in the table printed, we recommend choosing the largest available setting in the Show_entries pull down, then sort or filter as you wish and then click the Print button. If the length of the table causes the document to break onto a second sheet of paper, the headings will be repeated and a page number will be printed in the footer of the printed document.

Play with the sample, interactive document!

CloudStreet Portal documents are not just images of paper document. They are interactive documents designed to allow you, the user, to conveniently view, organize, format, and transfer the information to help make you more productive. The following document is a sample statement that has all the same functionality you will find in your own documents. Take a few minutes to experiment with the features described above!


123 Abc Street | Anywhere, UR 01234
Phone: (555) 111-2222 | Fax: (555) 111-2223
Sample Statement
Date:2013-11-30 00:00:00
Account: 100
Joe's Garage
1979 Zappa Lane
Easter Hay, MI 01979

TOTAL DUE: $ 2,102.69

0 - 30: $ 1,952.22
31 - 60: $ 2.95
61 - 90: $ 65.82
OVER 90: $ 81.70

# Invoice/Ref Description Date Charge Credit
1 S/CHGE28322 REGULAR INVOICE 05/31/13 27.55 0.00
2 S/CHGE28522 REGULAR INVOICE 06/30/13 26.00 0.00
3 S/CHGE28710 REGULAR INVOICE 07/31/13 24.52 0.00
4 S/CHGE29827 REGULAR INVOICE 08/31/13 3.63 0.00
5 S/CHGE30041 REGULAR INVOICE 09/30/13 65.82 0.00
6 S/CHGE30216 REGULAR INVOICE 10/31/13 2.95 0.00
7 1-436546 PO# 0441431 11/01/13 75.55 0.00
8 1-436916 PO# 0441452 11/02/13 742.82 0.00
9 1-438151 PO# 0441513 11/08/13 65.62 0.00
10 1-438695 PO# SHOP 11/11/13 259.58 0.00
11 1-438820 PO# 704025 11/11/13 0.00 -295.15
12 1-439506 PO# 0441580 11/14/13 14.48 0.00
13 1-439611 PO# 0441595 11/15/13 125.40 0.00
14 1-439857 PO# 0441609 11/16/13 18.22 0.00
15 14-081226 PO# 0441626 11/18/13 80.00 0.00
16 1-440560 PO# SHOP -ELANTRA 11/19/13 17.48 0.00
17 14-081468 PO# 0441642 11/19/13 277.77 0.00
18 1-440728 PO# 0441656 11/20/13 99.27 0.00
19 1-440752 PO# 0441656 11/20/13 69.35 0.00
20 1-441004 PO# 709783 11/21/13 0.00 -99.27
21 1-441312 PO# 0441686 11/22/13 17.59 0.00
22 1-441323 PO# 0441689 11/22/13 78.77 0.00
23 1-441680 PO# 0441707 11/25/13 33.17 0.00
24 1-441681 PO# 0441706 11/25/13 96.17 0.00
25 1-441781 PO# 0441711 11/25/13 62.59 0.00
26 1-441842 PO# 0441715 11/25/13 47.21 0.00
27 1-441877 PO# 0441716 11/25/13 20.57 0.00
28 1-442027 PO# 0441722 11/26/13 142.02 0.00
29 S/CHGE30432 REGULAR INVOICE 11/30/13 3.01 0.00