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"The information we needed to serve our customers was spread across a range of systems.  We needed a centralized place where our CSRs and customers could go to learn everything about their orders and products".

-- Jennifer Rehlingher, Jung Seed Company

Jung's ERP system manages the inventory and the processing of orders but it was not designed with the CSR in mind.  CSRs worked across multiple, disjointed systems.  Servicing the customer was a slow and inefficient process.

The Solution

Jung's IT Services company, Superior Information Systems, analyzed the workflow issues and determined that a portal that could quickly bring together real-time information from a wide variety of systems was just the ticket.  With a basic workflow design in mind, Superior contacted Zumasys and the conversation soon lead them to Cloudstreet Portal.

"We thought we would be facing a lengthy specification and development project to provide Jung with the system they required to increase efficiency.  We were surprised when we realized that out of the box, Cloudstreet Portal could deliver all that Jung required and much more." said Dwight Scoles, Senior Systems Engineer for Superior.

Superior and Zumasys listened carefully to the requirements and, within days, a first draft of the portal was presented.  Over the following days, working sessions with Jung's CSRs helped to quickly refine the product into an invaluable customer service tool.


Sample Order DOcument

Example Order Page

The Result

Now the Jung CSR's can provide instantaneous information to the customer in record time.  The portal has allowed their CSRs to dramatically increase their productivity and to have the time to give each customer that extra special touch that brings back customers time after time.  Jung is thrilled!

"Cloudstreet Portal is so painless to implement with great benefit for our customers."

-Jennifer Rehlinger, Jung Seed Company