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Content Management: More than Invoices & Statements

Delivering invoices and statements to your customers is important because your business functions more efficiently when you get paid faster! However, your organization utilizes thousands of different documents. With CloudStreet Portal, you can make any document type available from the Document Delivery Cloud. And you can deliver those documents to any individual with whom you have a business relationship – customers, employees, vendors and partners!

CloudStreet Portal is particularly useful for the delivery of high-volume transactional documents such as purchase orders, RFQs, invoices, statements, and other application-driven content.

A Better Alternative to Resource-intensive Scanning Solutions

Unlike traditional scanned image solutions that focus on the scanning and management of large-format document images, CloudStreet Portal focuses on the storage and delivery of the information within documents. As a result, transactional data can be delivered in a format that is most useful to the user.

For example, an invoice can be delivered in a format that resembles a paper-based invoice or it can be reformatted on the fly to fit the display size of a smart phone or tablet. Likewise, the data can be formatted into a spreadsheet, word processing document, PDF, or email.

Documents ideal for cloud delivery include time-sensitive information traditionally emailed in text or PDF format, such as commission report updates, sales performance metrics, and operational exception reports. Users have access to current and historical documents, enabling them to compare past and present performance, without worrying about storage because document data is stored on the Document Delivery Cloud.

Any type of business document can be made available to users using CloudStreet Portal:

  • Reduce redundant copies: Instead of emailing hundreds of copies of a report, send it to the Document Delivery Cloud and alert users to the report’s availability with an email containing a hyperlink to the report on the portal.
  • Save bandwidth and reduce data plan charges: Sending reports via email consumes bandwidth and creates repositories of redundant information. The situation becomes particularly problematic for smart phone users, as large reports quickly fill up memory and exceed allowed data plan usage. These problems are mitigated when smart phone users utilize the Document Delivery Cloud.
  • Provide up-to-the-minute information: Scanned or paper copies of a status report become obsolete moments after the document is sent. With CloudStreet Portal, you can be assured that everyone is looking at the same report, thereby reducing the confusion often encountered when sharing frequently-revised documents.
  • Deliver readable documents: With CloudStreet Portal, iPhone and smart phone users no longer have to squeeze, stretch, pan and squint! Document content is formatted based on device size and capabilities, so document viewing is a relaxing experience.

CloudStreet Portal excels at bringing many different types of web content together into a rich user experience. While text information from back-end business servers is a major focus, the Document Delivery Cloud also can integrate other forms of data, including images, video, sound and documents in formats such as PDF, .txt, .csv, .doc and others.

Integration of CloudStreet Portal with Imaging Systems

If you have been scanning paper copies of signed invoices into an imaging system and wish to continue that practice, CloudStreet Portal can link the PDF generated by the imaging system with backend invoice data to produce content pages presented on the web. When the user recalls the invoice from the Document Delivery Cloud, they will view a responsive, digital invoice that incorporates an image button or link that displays the scanned, signed copy of the invoice.

Integration of CloudStreet Portal with Inventory or Parts System

Using CloudStreet Portal, you can hyperlink a parts diagram to a part number listed on a digital invoice. The diagram may be stored within the Document Delivery Cloud or it may be located on another system. CloudStreet Portal can convert the part number stored within the invoice into a clickable link to display the associated parts diagram.

Integration of CloudStreet Portal with other Applications

Sometimes questions are generated when a user views a document. Why was I charged sales tax on this invoice? Why is my product return not reflected on this statement? CloudStreet Portal can provide user links to a customer service portal, and make information within a document’s XML available to an email client, external workflow applications, as well as CRM or help desk systems. The ability for external applications to take advantage of the Document Delivery Cloud will enable you to enhance business efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve customer service.