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Like many open source projects, the authors of open office and libre office change the name of their binary from release to release.  We cannot know which version you are now running and so we may not issue the correct directive to the print server based on the new binary name.

So, we recommend placing within your /usr/bin directory on the Print Server a symbolic link called soffice which points to the binary you are now running.

BP Forms will perform a 'which soffice' each time a document is rendered and will use the path that is returned by this directive to access your version of Open office / Libre Office.

To test:

  1. Summon the
  2. Select a thread
  3. hit $ to be logged into the print server
  4. type 'which soffice'
    1. This should return a path to the currently installed open office or libre office binary
  5. If it does not return the appropriate path
    1. cd to /usr/bin
    2. ls -la |grep soffice
    3. Examine the symlink
    4. if it is wrong, issue the directives:
      1. rm soffice
      2. ln -s /path/to/your/installed/libreoffice/binary soffice
    5. which 'soffice should' should now return the correct path and printing should work.


If you turn up verbosity on your thread (options -v5) then you will see indications in the log thread that you are not finding a correct copy of open office.