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Error: ** Error [ SUBROUTINE_CALL_FAIL ] **

Appliies to: jBASE

Cause: The bpi.bp.form api has not been exposed in the account / environment where you are running.  See the article in the documentation: Exposing the BPI Forms API in other accounts

Unable to find block chrgTax in Oo document

Applies to: All MultiValue Platforms


This issue could be caused by applying special characteristics to the {} directives.  I’ve seen cases where if you do something like this in the template:


And somewhere within the content between the {} delimiter you’ve applied a font, or a special emphasis, that would actually get inserted into the middle of the tag.  It’s important, therefore to ensure that everything between { and } including { and } themselves are just simple text with no special formatting.

To be very sure, might add the {repeat=tr;block=foo} into notepad or other other text editor that does not have the possibility of putting emphasis markup within the string and then paste it into the cell. This would ensure that you really just have the basic {directive} with no special emphasis accidently inserted into the {directive}.


Format error discovered in the file

See the article Format Error when opening document in Libre/Open Office