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Managing Users

From time to time, you may wish to manage users on the print server.  When printing tasks are sent from the MultiValue host to the BPF server, the directives are sent using a user’s credentials.  The user is determined by declaring a user name in the phantom thread defined on the MultiValue host (See

Each thread should have its own user name to keep threading a maximum efficiency and to allow more print jobs to spool at the same time.  Typically, a user name on the MultiValue host is created and then the same user name is created on the BPF Linux server.    These user names are usually bpiform1, bpiform2 and so on for as many threads as required for your printing volume.  Typically, two users (bpiform1 and bpiform2) are created by default and usually this is more than sufficient for most moderately sized installations.

To manage users on the BPF server, choose System > Administration > Users and Groups from the menu

To perform a management task such as changing the user’s password, simply highlight the user by clicking on it (in the list shown above) and then clock on the ‘properties’ button from the menu bar.

As you can see you can manage many aspects of the user from this utility and you can add and remove users.