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 Blue Prairie Forms consists of software that runs on two separate servers:

The MultiValue Host

  • is usually the main enterprise server running a MultiValue database such as jBASE, uniVerse, Unidata, etc.
  • contains the legacy programs responsible for the creation of printed output.
  • is where the BP Forms server-side programs and API will be installed.
  • will generate a finished open office .odt document using the BP Forms API.
  • will NOT actually render the document into printed or PDF form but instead will simply write the completed .odt document to a directory on the MultiValue server known as a queue
  • may run one or more background processes know as phantoms or threads that are responsible for communicating with the Open Office print server and for directing the Open Office software installed on that server to render the finished .odt document into printed or PDF form.
  • may optionally deliver the rendered PDF or odt via email or other mechanism.
  • Note: no printing is performed by the MultiValue host.  All printing is performed by one or more Open Office Print Servers.

The Openoffice Print Server

  • is one, or more, separate Linux server(s) visible on the network to the MultiValue server.
  • contains the Open Office software.
  • is responsible for transforming the finished .odt document created by the MultiValue Server to printed for or PDF
  • Uses the CUPS print system to manage the print jobs generated by Open Office