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On the MultiValue Host, establish ssh shared keys between MultiValue host and Linux/OpenOffice print Server (LOOPS) for each unix user

A utility bpi.ssh.keygen is provided to help you establish shared keys between the MultiValue host and the remote OpenOffice server.  You must login to the MultiValue server using the UNIX user for which you wish to establish shared keys.  The unix user name must be created in advance on the

OpenOffice server.  Here is the usage documentation for bpi.ssh.keygen:

To assist with the setup of ssh keychains between this server and a remote OpenOffice linux print server.\


bpi.ssh.keygen SERVER


SERVER is the host name or ip address of the OpenOffice server

Note: The SERVER must be defined int he /etc/hosts file of the MultiValue server.  If it is not, the bpi.ssh.keygen utility will error accordingly.

Note: The utility may need to prompt you for passwords so have those handy sometimes the first attempt to communication with the server will require a password.  Normally, after the first time the system asks for the password, it will remember it and subsequent commands will no longer require it.  You must be logged in as the user you wish to setup.