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Customer Story: Dust & Son

INDUSTRY: Automotive “after-market” parts store and warehousing.

LOCATIONS: 9 locations in Central/Southern Illinois.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Approximately 70+ employees, serving a customer base of 2,000-3,000 customers. Family-owned and operated, Dust & Son is entering its 85th year of operation.

"I have to applaud Bruce Decker for his innovative solution of BP Forms. When we first started looking at changing our legacy print program, we knew what we wanted but we were lost on what to do. After seeing other options, I was blown away with the BP Forms product. Literally after the presentation, the first words out of my mouth were This is genius!"

-- Nick Niebrugge, IT Manager at Dust & Son

Interview with Nick Niebrugge of Dust & Son

Q. Why did you choose BP Forms?

Simplicity and flexibility. Users do not need to change the way they have printed forms in the past, and you do not need to be a programmer to use the BP Forms system. We had the ability to choose which locations we wanted to switch over and when we wanted to make that change.

Q. Did you consider competitive products when you were looking at BP Forms?

Yes, but nothing impressed us as much as BP Forms.

Q. How has your experience been with Blue Prairie?

Excellent. Since we could pick and choose what stores migrated to BP Forms, we were able to work out all the bugs ahead of time to make a smooth transition. I have no complaints with the product, support or any aspect of this project.

Q. What do your customers say about BP Forms?

It works! Every time I ask them what they think, the response is the same: "I love it, it just works." They love not having to fight with paper jams, lining up the form feed paper, or losing connection with their printer.

Q. What benefits or cost savings has this product brought to your business?

Over a 5 month period, we have cut our toner and paper usage down by 30%.

Q. What are the three most positive things about the BP Forms software?

First, I loved that I had the freedom to choose exactly which stores would start using BP Forms. This was great for several reasons: (a) I got to work out any bugs that needed to be worked out. (b) Being a one-man IT department, it would have been impossible and ill-advised for me to install all of our stores at the same time. Just to get from one store to another is an approximately 500 mile drive, so 9+ hours of drive time would not be possible for me. I could go to specific stores, install the printer and show them how it works and do this within my own timeframe and not be pressed for time. (c) We could buy 2 or 3 printers at a time, rather than 10 to 15 at one time. This allowed us to spread out our investment over time.

Second, we were happy about using open source products. Building BP Forms on open source tools was genius because it's free and you can customize the way the product works to fit your organization's needs. these advantages allow us to cut costs because you don't have to pay for costly software licenses.

Finally, BP Forms is simple to use so that we can deploy and customize the software ourselves; we can be self-sufficient. We love talking to Bruce, but I can handle most customizations myself and we do not need generally need assistance working with BP Forms.