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CloudStreet Portal Document delivery cloud

A cloud-based content portal for sharing business documents generated from your back-end ERP application. CloudStreet Portal is particularly useful for the delivery of high-volume transactional documents, such as invoices and statements, purchase orders, RFQs, invoices, statements, and other application-driven content.

Documents can be viewed on virtually any device, including a laptop, tablet, iPhone or smart phone. And the Document Delivery Cloud is available to your users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether they are accessing the portal from corporate headquarters, a customer site, or a remote field location.

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Built using open source technology so your organization spends less on proprietary technology for document delivery and electronic document storage.

CloudStreet Portal is licensed as a hosted, subscription service, and compared to document scanning solutions, delivers your documents faster and at lower cost. Transactional documents delivered by CloudStreet Portal have a significantly smaller data footprint, leading to dramatic improvements in delivery efficiency as well as cost reductions related to document-intensive business processes.

You can focus on communicating better with your customers!

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Increasing sales isn’t the only way to maximize profitability.

What if you could eliminate the costs associated with mailing and faxing invoices and statements, reduce the time employees spend answering questions about invoices so that payment can be authorized, and most importantly, get paid faster?

These goals are achievable because CloudStreet Portal gives your users immediate access to real transaction data, not just scanned copies of invoices and statements.

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Unique self-service document delivery model enables your organization to quickly make content available to thousands of subscribers.

Your IT staff will appreciate the low-maintenance design of CloudStreet Portal. The self-service user subscription module is similar to the Facebook “friending” model where users are responsible for requesting access to the Document Delivery Cloud. Approval of subscription requests is handled by a representative that you authorize.

Let users manage themselves and you have time to manage important projects.

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Smyth AutomotiveCustomer Story

CloudStreet Portal has been deployed by Smyth Automotive to deliver digital statements and invoices to more than 700 users. Smyth reports that CloudStreet Portal has reduced the time and cost associated with printing and mailing documents, and is receiving positive feedback from customers who appreciate immediate access to documents.

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