Migration of Legacy Applications

Blue Prairie is a valuable and experienced partner to help migrate your legacy applications to a modern computing platform. For more than 15 years, we've been helping organizations transition software and data from legacy, multivalued database applications, like Ultimate and AutoShims, to new hardware and the U2 database platform (Rocket Software). Blue Prairie works with Strategy 7 Corporation for Automotive Migration projects; we are the technology experts behind Strategy 7's successful track record of migrations.

Our services allow customers to recycle the considerable investment they've already made in their business application. And, they can integrate their system with the latest software technology: enterprise-class reporting tools, data extraction tools, data warehousing solutions, content management systems, and more.

What to expect when your migration is complete?

Your applications will still run as they always have, so your users won't be disrupted.

Your printer and terminal devices will work in the same manner as they have in the past.

Your applications will run much, much faster!

You will be able to connect your applications to a whole new world of available software.

Specialized expertise with Automotive Distribution applications

For more than fifteen years, Blue Prairie has worked to refine the process for migrating Automotive Distribution applications from Ultimate, Triad, Activant and Epicor environments to the modern uniVerse or UniData database running on AIX or Redhat Linux. We have developed a time-saving migration toolkit that allows us to migrate these proven business applications in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. Our structured methodology is comprehensive and low-risk, providing customers with a path to lower operating costs, increased flexibility, and openness to a world of outside applications.


  • BASIC code conversion tool to convert several important syntax differences between Ultimate/UltPlus and jBASE BASIC dialects to uniVerse and UniData.
  • Inteligent runtime libraries that expedite the code migration process.
  • PROC/Prok conversion tool to automatically detect and fix most common syntax differences.
  • Dictionary conversion utility to automatically migrate and document data dictionaries to native uniVerse (10 attribute formats) and UniData (7 attribute formats).
  • Query plug-in to allow legacy B-correlatives to function within the UniData and uniVerse query languages. B-correlatives are not native to uniVerse or Unidata and can be a large undertaking to convert.
  • Extended User Exit support to provide greater legacy compatibility and additional functionality specific to uniVerse and UniData.
  • Session Manager to emulate fixed port numbers (AutoShims is fixed port number dependent). Our solution emulates fixed port numbers allowing mapping of fixed port ranges to be based on unix username, IP address, or Telnet/SSH client token. The Session Manager also provides a enhanced login/security mechanism to allow administrators to control all aspects of the user login process.
  • Cloud Fax and Email integration to replace legacy VSI Fax or Faxboard dependency.
  • Flexible data transport along with a specialized restore and refresh system to allow fast restaging of test data for thorough testing before go-live.
  • Enhanced Spooler to provide a richer set of legacy application spooler syntax variations to greatly simplify application conversion. The Enhanced Spooler also provides advanced capabilities, such as capturing to text files.
  • Enhanced MENU-BUILDER to correct numeric/alpha menu label incompatibilities and to provide for advanced features such as user shortcut and quickpaths.


We have managed migration projects for a wide range of database environments and business applications.








Success Stories

Blue Prairie has been providing services for legacy migration, application design and development, and diagnostic consulting for more than 15 years. Here is a partial list of our satisfied clients.

Factory Motor Parts

Parts House

Smyth Automotive

KOI Auto Parts

SP Automotive

National Performance Warehouse

Jobbers Warehouse


United Auto Supply

Bennett Auto Supply

Bond Auto Parts

Cardello Electric Supply Company

Wallwork Group


Dust and Son/Effingham Auto Supply

Hahn Welding

Kirkham Auto Parts Supply


Williams Birnberg Anderson

Texas American Title

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