Online & Published Documentation Work Samples

This page provides samples of software product documentation written by Kimberly Decker. Examples include both online web help as well as hard-copy, published user and developer manuals. Kimberly has published over 5,000 pages of documentation.

Published user and developer documentation

The following image displays published end-user and developer documentaton for a variety of software products.

Online help for cloud-based application

Following are three screen shots of online help written for the CloudStreet Portal SaaS application. The first screen shot shows a help page that explains the relationship between different types of CloudStreet Portal users, a concept that can be difficult for new cloud application users.


The second screen shot shows a help page that describes usage of the search and filtering tool.


The third screen shot illustrates part of a help page describing the user subscription system.


Click here to go to the CloudStreet Portal live demo site, where you can logon and review the complete online help system.

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