Integration Projects

Blue Prairie specializes in projects that require integrating legacy applications with external applications and services. Recent integration projects include:

Epicor/PartExpert Catalog

SKILLS/EXPERTISE: U2 Basic, Pipes, Epicor C Libraries

PROBLEM SOLVED: Blue Prairie created an integration between uniVerse/UniData and the Epicor PartExpert catalog that allows Automotive Parts resellers that use the AutoShims application to use the Epicor PartExpert Parts Catalog directly from their uniVerse- or UniData-based Point-Of-Sale applications. The integration involved the creation of a callable BASIC API using Epicor's PartExpert FIFO interface.

Avalara Tax Service

SKILLS/EXPERTISE: U2 Basic, Sockets, PHP, Avalara Web Service

PROBLEM SOLVED: Blue Prairie created a interface between UniData and the Avalara Avatax tax compliance web service that allows applications on uniVerse and UniData to access Avalara Tax Compliance information in real-time, thus ensuring tax compliance at the time a transaction is conducted. The integration uses U2 Sockets to communicate with a intermediary PHP web service also created by Blue Prairie. The PHP web service embeds the Avalara PHP API, and Blue Prairie presents the tax API as a series of U2 Basic subroutines. BASIC programmers can call the Avalara tax API from BASIC. Because the integration uses Avalara's own PHP SDK, the interface between the PHP layer and Avalara's web service can be upgraded independent of the connection between BASIC and the intermediate PHP service layer. This allows the components of the interface to be maintained and administered separately and makes for easier upgrades as Avalara releases new versions of the PHP SDK.

Joomla Content Management System (CMS)


PROBLEM SOLVED: Blue Prairie created a interface between U2 servers and the Joomla CMS. The interface allows information stored within U2 to be published as content in the Joomla CMS. The solution uses a series of U2 BASIC programs and allows for the transformation of multivalued U2 data into XML on the fly. The XML can be transported directly to the Joomla CMS using conventional FTP/SFTP or via web service directly from U2. The integrated solution reduces cost of information distribution and improves document access by allowing uniVerse/UniData information to be easily published within the Joomla environment.

AutoLogue ePart Web Service


PROBLEM SOLVED: Blue Prairie created a interface between the AutoLogue ePart system and the U2 environment that allows the ePart web storefront to access inventory and place orders on uniVerse and UniData systems. The system provides a powerful and extensible BASIC programming framework for handling a wide variety of XML messages. The project called for handling of inbound XML messages via a PHP web service for stock checks, orders and other auto parts inquiry-related queries. The system features flexible message templates, extensible document handler templates, and XML document handling libraries.

Cloud Faxing


PROBLEM SOLVED: Legacy applications which use fax boards, such as VSI Fax, can be migrated to use modern cloud faxing. The BP CloudFax utility features a BASIC API for easy integration and supports virtually any cloud fax service, including RingCentral, eFAX, and MyFax.

Success Stories

Blue Prairie has been providing services for legacy migration, application design and development, and diagnostic consulting for more than 15 years. Here is a partial list of our satisfied clients.

Factory Motor Parts

Parts House

Smyth Automotive

KOI Auto Parts

SP Automotive

National Performance Warehouse

Jobbers Warehouse


United Auto Supply

Bennett Auto Supply

Bond Auto Parts

Cardello Electric Supply Company

Wallwork Group


Dust and Son/Effingham Auto Supply

Hahn Welding

Kirkham Auto Parts Supply


Williams Birnberg Anderson

Texas American Title

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