Diagnostic Consulting

In the midst of a chaotic system problem, you need a consultant with the experience and discipline to dissect a problem quickly and design a stable solution. Blue Prairie consultants are often called into emergency situations to help customers diagnose issues with their mission-critical systems and to coordinate with vendors to solve the problem.

We specialize in a variety of technologies. We are also excellent technology generalists and have deep-level expertise working with legacy applications built for multivalued databases. Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to understand high-level objectives, and to work with customers to develop a problem resolution plan that promotes long-term system stability.

We can help your organization diagnose and solve a variety of system issues:

Database problems and data recovery.

Operating system issues (e.g., permissions, process management, resource tuning, performance monitoring).

Printing problems (e.g., System V, CUPS, AIX).

Client connectivity issues (e.g., SSH, Telnet, terminal drivers).

Solving server problems at United Auto Supply

UAS calls on Blue Prairie when their production ERP servers experience issues. Blue Prairie uses OS and network performance tools to categorize the issues. Then, with our knowledge of databases, programming and scripting, we help pinpoint the problem areas.

Barcode printing failure at Bennet Auto Supply

Bennett's printers would not print barcodes, which was an important requirement for a later scanning process. We performed a stream analysis and determined that extraneous characters were being integrated into the output stream. We created a wrapper to prevent this problem and allow barcode printing.

Printing problems at Smyth Automotive

Smyth was randomly losing printed pages. We discovered a network bottleneck and an issue with AIX System V printing, and created workarounds to solve the problem.

System performance problems at Cardello Electric Supply

Cardello was experiencing general slowness of connections between client PCs and the server. We diagnosed DNS network issues and resolved the problem.

Software problems following unexpected passing of developer

After a software developer passed away unexpectedly, a significant number of customers requested emergency consulting services from Blue Prairie when certain application functions were disabled due to a "timebomb" in the software. We diagnosed and patched the software to re-enable application functions.

Integration problems at Bennett Auto Supply

After upgrading a catalog application, Bennett found that their point-of-sale integration was no longer working. We traced the network packets and discovered that message formatting had changed. We adjusted the middleware to get the point-of-sale application running again.

Success Stories

Blue Prairie has been providing services for legacy migration, application design and development, and diagnostic consulting for more than 15 years. Here is a partial list of our satisfied clients.

Factory Motor Parts

Parts House

Smyth Automotive

KOI Auto Parts

SP Automotive

National Performance Warehouse

Jobbers Warehouse


United Auto Supply

Bennett Auto Supply

Bond Auto Parts

Cardello Electric Supply Company

Wallwork Group


Dust and Son/Effingham Auto Supply

Hahn Welding

Kirkham Auto Parts Supply


Williams Birnberg Anderson

Texas American Title

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