Application Design & Development

Blue Prairie provides consulting services in application and database design and development, integration of open source solutions into legacy applications, and migration of legacy applications to new computing platforms. We specialize in the creation of powerful custom applications that work with existing business systems.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: It's easy to build applications that can work, but we build applications that are designed not to fail.

Why choose Blue Prairie for your application design and development projects?

We build solid and rugged applications that customers can maintain themselves. Our goal is to leave behind structured, well-documented, easy-to-maintain application code.

Our consultants started their careers in technical support, so they have been exposed to a wide variety of programming practices and have an appreciation for software that provides users with a positive experience.

We don't try to re-invent the wheel. Our consultants stay up with the latest trends in the open source and software development communities, and find ways to work with existing tools rather than re-creating a solution from the ground up.

Our consultants have more than 20 years experience working with multivalued database applications. We know how to read legacy code so we can jump into a project quickly compared to programmers who lack this background.

We work with modern languages and tools outside multivalued database environments, so we bring modern coding techniques and structured practices to BASIC coding.

In recent years, we've developed a high level of expertise in web design and development. We focus primarily on business web applications such as customer portals. We leverage open source technologies and augment these tools with custom database applications. The applications we develop are designed to run on virtually any device and utilize the latest web technologies for a fast, attractive and highly-functional user experience.

Success Stories

Blue Prairie has been providing services for legacy migration, application design and development, and diagnostic consulting for more than 15 years. Here is a partial list of our satisfied clients.

Factory Motor Parts

Parts House

Smyth Automotive

KOI Auto Parts

SP Automotive

National Performance Warehouse

Jobbers Warehouse


United Auto Supply

Bennett Auto Supply

Bond Auto Parts

Cardello Electric Supply Company

Wallwork Group


Dust and Son/Effingham Auto Supply

Hahn Welding

Kirkham Auto Parts Supply


Williams Birnberg Anderson

Texas American Title

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